Courtney Schrank Design Studio (CSDS) is a full-service interior design firm and lifestyle brand who caters exclusively to the high-powered female executive, helping her maintain her sanity and well-being.

We enhance and elevate the lives of professional women by creating interiors that are classic, effortless, and edgy, all while reflecting the true character of each client. We know and appreciate the demanding schedules of our clients, so the elevated experience of working with CSDS is one of simplicity and ease, where our firm takes care of every last detail.

In the words of Coco Chanel, we believe that "An interior is a natural projection of the soul".

Having worked on projects ranging from new construction to remodels and everything in between, CSDS offers services such as furniture selection and room styling to project management and space planning – from overseeing your renovation to carefully curating artwork and accessories, CSDS is here to cater to your every need.

Courtney Schrank Design Studio works with some of the world’s foremost vendors, implementing a highly-skilled and specialized team of contractors, painters, workrooms, and resources to ensure every project lives up to the high standards of CSDS. 

Let’s be honest – being a woman isn’t easy, but they say that nothing worth having comes easy. Here’s to the women who are out every day showing everyone who’s boss. Whether she is a lawyer, a doctor, a law enforcement officer, a professor, a finance guru, a computer scientist, an engineer, or any of the other millions of jobs she might have. After slaying all day, she deserves to have a home that represents her strong, independent spirit, where she can entertain friends, have dinner with her family, or watch tv with a glass of wine. Since the last person she thinks of is herself, Courtney Schrank Design Studio will do it for her… We will take care of everything from curating products and materials to arranging deliveries, accessorizing, and everything in between. We will be her new best friend, and we can’t wait to support her in this amazing life she is leading!





Classic. Effortless. Edgy.

We draw much of our inspiration from European and Scandinavian interiors and fashion by infusing classic details into modern spaces. 

Classic meets modern.

Think timeless with a twist. Think traditional architectural details paired with modern furnishings with just a touch of the unexpected.


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