“POWER HOUR” 6 -pack

Let me guess - your home isn't finished and you have no clue how you'll find the time to get everything done. You know what you like but there simply isn't enough time in the day. You start a million projects and don't finish any of them fully. You keep thinking "that can wait until later" or  "I'll get that room done 'one day'." Let me let you in on a secret - if you don't have someone holding you accountable to complete these various projects around your home, it will remain a haphazard, partly- completed dwelling forever. Just like when you are trying to eat better or work out more, having an accountability partner is very beneficial in achieving your goals and this is no different. I will be your work wife, partner in crime, and accountability buddy so you finally commit the necessary time because when you are lacking in time, you and your home always seem to fall by the wayside.

What's included: 

  • 6, 60 minute Zoom calls, once a week for 6 weeks

  • At our first meeting we will discuss the room you want to complete together and develop a plan of attack

  • Each week you will get tasks to complete and decisions to make before our next call.

  • I will create a floorplan for you so we know what size furniture pieces are needed

  • The day before our calls I will send an itinerary for the call so we can be efficient and stay on task. This will also act as a reminder email.

  • General furniture suggestions including recommended vendors - if you want specific furnishing selected in a handy spreadsheet with links then you can purchase the "Furniture Curation" add-on after our first call.

What you need to do: 

  • Book your first Zoom call and pay for the package via the button below. You will also book all other calls through our calendar app. After each meeting we will send you an email that allows you to schedule the next meeting (for the following week)

  • Gather a few inspiration images so we can develop a style for the space - you can also share your Pinterest board 

  • Fill out the short questionnaire - I promise this isn't long and cumbersome!

  • Provide photos, videos and dimensions of the space. You will find examples on how/what to measure after you book

  • Jump on our call each week and be ready to knock out the tasks at hand with my guidance

  • After our time together, you will purchase everything for your space


  • What will the first call entail? On the first call we will discuss your wants/needs for the space. We will go through your questionnaire together and talk about your inspiration photos. Lastly, we will develop a plan of attack for the room so we can hit the ground running.

  • How many rooms can we work on together? For each 6-pack you purchase, we can work on one space, otherwise it gets confusing and overwhelming. This would include a bedroom, a living room, a dining room, a family room, an office, a living/dining room combo, a kid's room, etc. If there are other rooms you want to complete, then we can do so in another 6-pack!

  • Do the calls have to happen in 6 consecutive weeks? Because this is the most effective way to get things done, we would prefer the calls be conducted in 6 consecutive weeks. If there are extenuating circumstances then we can discuss further.

  • What if I need to cancel/reschedule a call? We understand that things come up! If you need to reschedule for another date/time please try to do so no later than 24 hours before the scheduled call.

  • What deliverables do I get after the 6 weeks? You will get a floorplan and suggestions on sizing the style of furnishings. If you choose to add-on the Furniture Curation package you will get a spreadsheet with specific furnishings to purchase, complete with links. You can either purchase these specific items or use them as inspiration for finding items on your own. You will also receive recordings of each of our calls so you can re-watch whenever you want.

  • Who is responsible for the measurements of the space? You will need to provide the dimensions of the room, windows, doors, walkways, etc. so I can be sure we are providing the correct scale furniture for the space. 

  • Who is responsible for purchasing all of the furnishings? You will use what we discuss to purchase any/all of the items you need for your space. If you feel you need more assistance, check out our Full-Service Interior Design package.

  • How can I add on the Furniture Curation? After our first call together we will discuss if you want/need the Furniture Curation add-on. In the follow-up email after our first call there will be a place for you to purchase it.

6-packs are no longer just for the men. With this 6-pack of "power hours" I will help you FINALLY devote time to your home and create a space you can be happy about and thrive in. Think what a relief it will be when you finally have a completed room!


$2,250 6-pack only

$1,875 for Furniture Curation add-on

Note, you will only be purchasing the 6-pack and scheduling the first call now. After our first call together you will be sent the link to add on the Furniture Curation if you so choose,