Working from home while being self-quarantined - From a mom's perspective

Hi ladies! I know we are all adjusting to a new normal and with that comes new fears, questions, and changes. I don't have children, but I called my girl Katy from Grace in the Crumbs to get her perspective on what it's like to now be a "home-school parent" with everyone at home, all the time.

How are you managing getting your own work done and still providing enough guidance/supervision for your kids? Honestly, I'm not.  There really is no way, especially if you have multiple kids.  So I'm going into this very realistically and honest about what is possible.  There are things that just won't get done, so now it's just a matter of prioritizing.  And for us, that's maintaining a low-stress home and helping the kids with their assignments.  Whatever else gets done after that, is just a bonus

How has your morning routine changed in all of this? Thankfully, it hasn't.  My morning routine is very sacred to me. Especially as a mama with four kids, so much of my day is dictated by them (not in a bad way, just the reality).  So that early morning hour before everyone wakes is very precious. How did you develop a schedule for your kids? I tried to create just a basic general framework.  First, we'll do this, then a little of that and so on and so forth. Just general time blocks.  But the key here for me is to not get fixated on the schedule.  I plan, plan a little more, and then recognize that I may need to throw the plan out the window if I have to. Schedules and plans only work when they're helping to alleviate stress; the moment they become the stressor, they're no longer working to serve you.  So create a schedule, do your best to stick to it, and then let it go when things don't go according to plan.

I too am a clean-living advocate. What are some of your favorite products right now? Oh, great question.  I still live and breathe for just plain old distilled white vinegar.  I add to to all my laundry, clean my fruit and veggies with it,  wash our countertops with it.  It's just such a great, super inexpensive all-around product.  We always have big bottles of it around the house. I was also just introduced to a line of kids clean skincare called Bubsi that I am really loving.  It's a line of body wash, moisturizers made from coconut oil.  The package is amazing (it's super cool and made of these reusable squishy bottles my kids love), is great for kids with sensitive skin, and is perfect right now to help keep all of our little hands feeling good with all this washing. How are you meal-prepping/cooking meals for yourself and your family right now? We're all chipping in together as much as we can.  We have a list up in our kitchen for "Family Helping Hands" which includes things like "making a family snack", "making dinner", "setting the table".  I truly believe that all hands are capable of helping, no matter how little.  So all of our mealtimes are a family effort. How are you handling being a mom in this stressful and uncertain time? Oh gosh, not well some days.  Great on others.  It goes back and forth.  I'm just trying to remember to be super gentle with myself.  I think in moments like this, that's the most important thing.  To give yourself grace and patience and forgiveness.  I'm going to yell (no matter how much I try not to), I'm going to be impatient at times (no matter how much I try not to be).  We are all human and imperfect and just doing the best we can.  So in moments like this, the less stress I can put on myself (during what is an already stressful time), the better. What have you been doing from a self-care and fitness perspective since everyone has been home? Movement, every day, for at least 30 minutes.  Yesterday that was a walk around the block with the kids.  This morning it's yoga in my family room.  Being flexible and open to doing what you can, when you can.  I'm working really hard at not seeing things so "all or nothing".  So I just do what I can, and feel good about it.  But for me, I can almost always find 30 minutes for some type of mindful movement, even if some days it includes kids playing legos alongside with me.

Can anyone else relate? Does this resonate with anyone? Let me know in the comments.

Remember - we're all in this together!! Whether you're a mother, entrepreneur, corporate executive, healthcare professional, we are all supporting one another and this will bring us closer and make us stronger than ever before.



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