Windy City Rental: When a work trip turns stylish

So who loves traveling for work (or pleasure) and staying in a boring old hotel room? Yeah I didn't think so. What if you could stay in a well-designed, fully furnished apartment complete with linens and cookware? Enter Blueground. You can "rent beautiful, thoughtfully furnished apartments for a month, a year or even longer". I had the pleasure of designing a unit for them in the West Loop, and I'm super excited to share it with you!

Photo by: Margaret Rajic

The eternal question: how do you properly style a coffee table? You want to layer large books, plants or dried florals, candles, vases, and sculptural items. The key is balance and variation in size, shape, texture, and color. My favorite dried florals these days are pampas grass (or these in fun colors), hare's tale, and eucalyptus. Looking for something more leafy? Grab a faux monstera leaf or faux olive branches.

Photo by: Hannah Schweiss Photo by: Margaret Rajic

The perfect way to add character to your space? Artwork! Desenio is my favorite source for inexpensive framed prints in all genres. In fact, all the art you see here is from this vendor! I absolutely love pictures ledges (center) as an alternative to the traditional gallery wall. You can rearrange the pieces whenever you want and you aren't putting multiple holes in your wall! These are some of my favorite ledges.

Photo by: Hannah Schweiss Photo by: Margaret Rajic Photo by: Hannah Schweiss

Creating a functional and stylish dining area all starts with finding the perfect table and chairs. No clue where to start on that? Check out this blog post on dining tables and this one on chairs. We used a black marble table with a brushed brass base and cream faux leather chairs.

Photo by: Margaret Rajic Photo by: Hannah Schweiss Photo by: Margaret Rajic

For the bedroom we went with a horizontal channel-tufted mustard yellow bed and the coolest abstract wallpaper. The key for bedding was loads of texture and very little pattern so the wallpaper could shine!

Photo by: Margaret Rajic Photo by: Margaret Rajic Photo by: Hannah Schweiss

Looking to book a stay with Blueground? Check out their website to see if they are in the city you're headed to. In Chicago and fancy a stay at the unit I designed? Here you go! If you stay in this property make sure you tell me all about it!



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