The Meditation Situation: How to create the perfect meditation space

Now more than ever we need to make time to relax and center ourselves... Easier said than done, am I right? Have no fear ladies - I am here to help you create a meditation space in your home (big or small) so you can properly decompress and stay sane during this #quarantine and beyond!

Start with a floor pillow (or 5) - large floor pillows are great for relaxing and are far more comfortable than sitting directly on the floor. Add as many as you have the space for! We love how stylish these floor pillows are. These are great too! Sitting on the floor (on a pillow) helps ground you and makes for a better meditation experience.

Add a yoga mat - If you have room this is a great addition, perfect for getting your downward dog on. Check out these cool mats! Here are more mats and other yoga accessories.

Set the table - if you have space add a small table or ceramic stool so you can place your speakers, diffuser, candles, salt lamp, etc. If not, the floor will do!

Play soothing music - cue the classical music, rolling waves, or anything that calms you.

Infuse calming scents - Get a diffuser and grab your favorite scent. Our favorite relaxing scents are lavender, peppermint, jasmine, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, and chamomile. You can create your own blend, too! Find any scent you want here.

Download a meditation app - unless you’re super experienced at the meditation game it may be hard to concentrate or really get the full meditation experience. Downloading an app like Headspace, Calm, or Insight Timer can help you get in the zone and stay focused. Learn about more of my favorite meditation apps here.

Light it up - You can add real candles. LED candles (is safety is a concern), and a Himilayan salt lamp to increase the calming effect. Our favorite salt lamps can be found here.

Unplug - put your phone on silent or airplane mode while you are meditating otherwise you will be distracted and won’t reap the benefits of meditation!

How are you dealing with the anxiety and stress during this uncertain time?



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