Table Manners: Fun and fresh dining tables for every style

The dining table: a place where you enjoy an evening alone with a glass of wine and dinner, or perhaps where you share laughs with friends over brunch, or even where you bond with family over the holidays. Regardless of who is seated around it, your dining table has the ability to create memories and shape your day. Better choose wisely! Don't be stressed though, ladies - I am here to help with my current favorite dining tables.

1. Short on space? This is the table for you. With a black marble top and brushed brass base, this little guy is 24"w and can fit just about anywhere.

2. Am I the only one with a thing for marble? Try this gray marble table on for size. With dramatic white and dark gray veining, this table is a showstopper for sure. Just remember, with any marble table you should always use coasters!

3. Talk about drama. This black marble-top table has a ribbed iron base in a warm bronze hue and adds classic elegance to any space.

4. Got a little more space on your hands? This table has brass wishbone legs and a light ash wood top. Want something with a bit more drama? No worries - this table also has a black top option.

5. Looking to bring that California cool trend into your home? Look no further. This light and airy table is playful yet classic.

6. Want to create a dining space reminiscent of a Parisian apartment? This is the table for you. With a marble top and iron base, this table is classic, chic, and perfectly French.

7. This table with a light blonde finish has such a fun base that appears to be defying gravity. If you are going with simpler chairs, this table can serve as a work of art!

8. Looking for something warm and earthy? Concrete is the way to go. This table is concrete layered over wood and no two look alike. It is also available in various sizes and shapes.

9. With a wood top and a terrazzo-esque marble base this table is playful and casual yet refined. This round gem will bring a natural, organic feel to any space.

Choosing the right dining table sets the scene for your guests and for you as well! Looking for the perfect chairs to pair with your table? Check out this blog post where I let you in on some of my favorites!



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