Obsess less over food and step into your power

Hi ladies! There is so much fear and confusion around food these days - what can we eat, what isn't healthy, what causes digestive issues, etc. I picked the brain of Lauren Sharpe, nutritionist and almost-dietitian who helps women obsess less over food and step into their power. Sounds good to me!

Tell us about yourself and what you do. Can women work with you one-on-one?

Hello!! My name is Lauren and I am an (almost) Registered Dietitian. I completed by Bachelor of Science at The University of Delaware in nutrition and dietetics and have just completed my clinical year/internship at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital! I recently opened up my private practice Lauren Sharpe Nutrition and I LOVE to see clients 1:1. I also run my instagram page @loandlemons and my website Laurenrd.com. Primarily I work with women who are looking to obsess less over food and create their healthiest relationship with food and their body. I teach women how to enjoy a bagel and move on, but also my exact framework that actually gets you craving salads! What is the first step to obsessing less over food?

The first step is teaching your body to understand that no food is scarce or restricted. When our minds are restricting certain foods we begin to obsess. This is a long process that cannot be totally summed up in a few sentences. I love to work on mindset with my clients because this is where the obsession is coming from. We get super deep into where these thoughts are created, challenging them and learning how to combat them to create new positive and empowering thought processes.  There are a million "diets" out there. Can you debunk some of them for us?

Oh boy I could go on forever and ever! Let's chat through the two most recently popular.

Intermittent Fasting - there are many different types of fasts you can do, the most popular being the 16:8 method where you have an 8 hour window for eating and the remaining 16 hours of your day is spent fasting. Although people don't technically classify this as a diet, it is. You are putting rules and restrictions around the time that you are 'allowed' to eat. Here is my take: What happens when you're eating window is 9 to 5 but you have a dinner party at 7pm that night? This is no longer even about the food, it is about your social well-being. This diet has had a decent amount of research done on it, however none of them are long-term enough to see the long-term effects and a lot of the studies are actually done on rats. The main reason people originally even attempted this is for weight loss. Let me tell you something, if you restrict your intake and you are only allowed to eat 8 hours of the day, you're going to lose weight. Lots of the research has also shown that because the participants were on a mission to lose weight, the foods they were consuming in that window were healthier, more nourishing foods. That said, there is no evidence to show that intermittent fasting creates a magic metabolic shift that makes you shed pounds.

The Keto Diet has also recently become insanely popular, however when people say they are 'keto' I can pretty much guarantee you they are not in ketosis. There is so much information on the keto diet and it can be tough to sum up, but in short... we don't have the longevity in the research yet to tell what this extremely high fat diet is doing to cardiovascular health. This is not sustainable - most people following the keto diet (or think that they are) are just following a modified Atkins/low carb diet. The true keto diet restricts BOTH carbohydrates and protein. We know that carbohydrates can be turned into glucose in the blood, but so can amino acids so they are also limited.

Tell us about your morning routine

It varies! I am a huge fan of journaling. I write down 3 things I am grateful for along with a positive affirmation (something like "I am resilient and my clients value me") plus my to do list and time blocking for the rest of my day. Some mornings it includes a workout and sometimes it doesn't! What foods are good for easing anxiety or depression?

There are some foods that having some calming components, however in my population food is where most of the anxiety/depression is stemming from. I think it is important to try different foods and then reflect on how those foods are making you feel, everyone is different.

Favorite way to relieve stress or decompress? Yoga and meditation on the Calm app!

Have you tried any food/meal delivery companies? If so, what were your thoughts?

I have. I think there are some great options out there, but it isn't necessarily for me. I am such a picky eater and just prefer to pick my own recipes. I do love Hello Fresh.

Tell us about sugar - white sugar, honey, maple syrup, cane sugar. Does our body process it all the same? Is one healthier than the rest? Yes, our bodies process it all the same. There is no 'healthier' version per say, they just have different chemical make ups. For example, honey is higher in fructose. Choose based on your preference!

How can having a better relationship with food help us step into our full potential? In every way possible! Having a rocky relationship with food can truly take up so much more of your time and energy than you are realizing.

Favorite splurge food? I don't necessarily 'splurge' on foods because I truly believe that all foods can fit into a healthy diet, but I think my favorite savory would have to be an everything bagel with cream cheese and my favorite sweet is chocolate lava cake with ice cream.

Best piece of advice for the "working woman" who feels stressed about making the right food choices?

Food is just food! Nothing is that serious, focus on the foods that truly make you feel good, whether that's mentally or physically and begin to tune in.

If you liked this click here for Lauren's 5 days to food freedom workbook - it is chock full of amazing information!



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