Make a Big Impact in a Small Space - Feminine Chic Laundry Room Reveal

Hi ladies!

So who out there loves doing laundry? *Crickets* That's what I thought. What if I told you that adding some character to your laundry room would actually make you want to spend time in there washing, fluffing, and folding? Still don't believe me? Check out the laundry room refresh we did for a client. By adding fabulous wallpaper by Ellie Cashman (which I have been in LOVE with for ages now), some great artwork, and gold accents, we created a fresh and chic laundry room with a feminine feel.

Before: After:

Before the space was lacking in function, character, and life. By adding a large-scale wallcovering in a de-saturated color palette, we were able to create drama without being overwhelming. We also added a wall-mounted ironing board that flips up when needed so we could make the most of the limited space we had. We added a hanging bar underneath the existing cabinet and brought a touch of glam with gold hangers.

We added gold vases but balanced them with natural elements like wicker and dried flowers. Plus, who doesn't love a little rose quartz? We designed a wooden topper that created a countertop and prevented items from falling between or behind the appliances. Using a wicker basket that isn't very wide but is deep, we were able to contain the cleaning supplies and detergents in a stylish yet functional way. We leaned a large-scale framed black and white print coupled by a piece painted by our client's aunt to add that soft, feminine touch.

Overall, we were able to create a serene yet functional space that started out pretty stark and lifeless. If you only make ONE change to your laundry room, do both of us a favor and add wallpaper.



All "after" photos by Margaret Rajic

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