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Hi you guys!! Who else is looking for new wines to replenish what you've consumed during this #quarantine? Wouldn't it be great if we could have healthier organic wine delivered to our doors? Enter Dry Farms Wine. Best part is, if you go to this link and purchase, you will be able to get an extra bottle of wine for a penny with your first subscription order. A bottle of wine for A PENNY? Sign me up!!

Here's what you need to know about Dry Farm Wines:

1.) All of their wines are lab tested to ensure they are:

  • Sugar Free (< 1g/L)

  • Lower Sulfites (< 75ppm)

  • Lower Alcohol (< 12.5%)

2.) All of their wines are also:

  • Grown Organically/Biodynamically

  • Low Carb-Friendly

  • Dry Farmed/Irrigation Free

  • Fermented with 100% Wild, Native Yeast

  • Handcrafted/Small Batch

  • Old World International Natural Wines

  • Paleo & Keto-Friendly

  • Free of Industrial Additives

  • Grown From Older Vines

Here's how it works:

In each order, you receive a unique selection of 6 or 12 biodynamic Natural Wines sourced from small farms around the world every month or every other month. Each shipment includes different grape varieties, countries, and styles. You can choose white, red, mixed, sparkling, or rosé. To get 6 bottles the cost is $159 whereas 12 bottles cost $299. For the rosé membership there is a 3 bottle option for $88. The pricing for the sparkling membership has two options of 3 bottles for $94 or 6 bottles for $183.

Once you place your order, it takes 1 - 3 business days to hand pack. You will get a tracking email to follow the status of your shipment. Since we are shipping alcohol, a signature is required upon delivery. If you are not home during the day, we can ship to a work address or local shipping store. Can you do this just for a month or 2 then cancel? Yep! You can cancel anytime and receive complimentary shipping with every order.

More to know:

  • Independently lab-tested to be free of sugar, and lower in alcohol and sulfites

  • Hand grown on small farms, with respect for Nature and biodiversity

  • Crafted for clean, pure experience to pair with food and wake up fresh (read: NO hangover!!)

They also a 100% happiness promise on every selection. They are so confident in the quality of their wines, we will never make anyone pay for a wine they don’t love. They replace any bottle, no questions asked. Damn, that's pretty solid customer service, don't you think??

I tried a variety of their wines which were generously sent to me to review, and was pleased by every single one!

Health experts like Dave Asprey of Bulletproof, Katie of Wellness Mama, Mark Sisson of Primal Blueprint, and Dr. Dominic D'Agostino among others have spoken about the benefits of Dry Farms Wines, too!

Remember, check out this link to get a free bottle for a penny!! If you get a subscription let me know your favorite wines!! Mine is Bauer-Pöltl Mare Pannonia..



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