Kitchen Organization 101 (plus some decorating tips)

Hi ladies! I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and sane these days. Now that you've been #quarantined for two weeks or more, I'm sure your kitchen is starting to get on your nerves. For some of you, your kitchen is seeing more action than it ever has. I partnered with Katie Monge of Neat Method to help you easily transform our kitchen into one that supports this (temporary) #newnormal and will continue to support you long after this craziness ends. I've also given some design tips at the end so you can spruce up your space and support online businesses!


The kitchen is typically the most used room in the house, that’s why it can be the hardest to keep looking clean and organized, but also why having an organized system in place is why it’s needed the most!

1. Look to keep your counter tops as clear as possible. This creates a more tranquil, clean look to things.

2. Goal is to have all kitchen items in a designated space. After creating a clear home for everything label, label, label!! This helps all family members, guests, etc. have a clear understanding of where everything goes. You can use chalkboard labels with chalkboard white pens that can be easily wiped away and reused as items circulate or change over time.

3. For the pantry here are a few starting tidbits:

  • Take everything out and categorize by like items.

  • Check all dates and toss any expired and/or stale items.

  • Map out your space for best fit of items, flow of location, etc.

  • Place food back in categories and place in labeled baskets/bins

Place items in see-through bins to have a more clear sense of inventory as to not over buy items.

These woven baskets are great for items you’d like to keep a bit more hidden.

Use clear, sealed canisters for anything from flour and sugar to candy and cookies. These also stack easily which is great to utilize vertical space!

Use tiered shelves for canned goods.


While you're #quarantined, you may as well make some easy and inexpensive changes to your kitchen.

1. Swap out your cabinet hardware: changing out your cabinet hardware is one of the easiest changes you can make. A few things to think about before ordering:

  • Order a few single knobs/handles to start instead of ordering 32 of a knob, getting them, and realizing they don't work in your space. Let's be honest, Carol, you do have the time to order 10 individual knobs before deciding which is the right one - it's not like you're going anywhere.

  • If you want to avoid drilling new holes, be sure to take note of the the space between the holes of your existing handles so you can get a comparable size.

  • Decide if you want all knobs, all handles, or a mixture. Most people go with a mixture.

  • Think about finish - there are so many options these days. You can go with gold, brass, matte black, brushed nickel, chrome, stainless, and more.

Some of my favorite places for hardware right now are cb2, Rejuvenation, Restoration Hardware, and Ashley Norton

2. Add a rug or runner: Add a small rug (typically the size of a doormat - roughly 24"x 36") or if you have more space you can go larger. You can also add a runner if you have the space.

3. Bring in greenery or florals: You know that I am allll about adding plants to purify the air, but they can also be a great way to add color and life to your #quarantine oasis. Some of my favorite places to get plants (delivered) amidst this madness are The Sill, Bloomscape, The Bouqs Co., and Terrain.

4. Refresh your dishware: some of my favorite brands these days include Year and Day, Hawkins New York, Crate and Barrel, cb2, and Kate Spade.

Questions or need more assistance? Send me an email at You can reach Katie Monge at if you need some serious organization help.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.



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