Fine Dining: Fab dining chairs that won't break the bank

Christmas may be over and the holiday dinner parties done for the moment, but who's to say you can't have dinner parties year-round? See below for some classy dining chairs that are sure to impress your guests without breaking the bank:

1. This chair version of a LBD is upholstered in a black boucle, sure to provide comfort during those game nights or dinner parties. It goes with everything and can be casual or dressy, just like the perfect LBD.

2. Did you think caning was going away? Think again, my friend. This Jeanneret version is still my favorite. It is also available in an armchair version or with a darker stain. Curious about the authentic Jeanneret chairs? This set goes for a smooth $60k. Mere pocket change...

3. This little gem has some Art Deco flair and is available in a variety of velvety hues as well as an off-white faux leather. Gatsby could throw an elegantly modern soirée with these chairs in his dining room.

4. The Wishbone chair has made a resurgence, but I am loving this modern take on that classic. Its lines are a bit softer and it comes in a rich, medium wood tone and faux leather seat.

5. If you're looking for something a little bolder and more funky, this rattan beauty is a great pick. The traditional Bentwood cafe chair-esque back is paired with a fresh, modern base for a unique design that is sure to be a conversation-starter.

6. This rockstar is a bit more of an investment, but it sure shines. All dressed in black, this beauty, a modern take on the classic mid-century Platner chair is a chic show-stopper.

7. Can you ever go wrong with a Wishbone chair? The answer is no. Available in multiple colors and finishes, this chair is a classic and adds elegant simplicity to any space. Looking to spend a little less? Check out some reproductions here.

8. I have a motto: when in doubt, add velvet and brass. It hasn't steered me wrong yet so I'm sticking with it. This chair has both velvet and brass and is available in a variety of colors. Also, is the shape of the back not the cutest thing ever?

9. I love a good cantilevered chair and this one has a sharp look. Available in multiple leather and velvet options, this chair also has channel tufting which is a always a good idea.

Looking for the perfect table to go with your new chairs? Check out this blog post to see some I'm loving right now!



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