Closet Organization 101

Hi ladies! I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and sane these days. Who has Marie Kondo-ed their closets the last two weeks? It is literally the perfect time to get rid of everything you no longer wear - if you won't wear it while #quarantined then you don't need it. Need some help in this area? You're in luck. I partnered with Katie Monge of Neat Method to help you easily transform our closet into one that supports this (temporary) #newnormal and will continue to support you long after this craziness ends. I've also given some design tips at the end so you can spruce up your space and support online businesses!

Let's get started:

  • The most important step in all closet organizations is taking inventory of what you currently have and edit, edit, edit! Only put items back into your closet that you are actually wearing.

  • Any items you haven’t worn in over a year or don’t fit anymore or are out of style set aside in a donation pile. Look into a good donation/charity center that could use the slightly used items.

  • First suggestion is using all slimline hangers in the same color, they take up less space, hold the shape of clothes better and gives your closet an overall better cohesive look.

  • Next step categorize your clothes in like sections, tanks with tanks; jeans with jeans; dresses with dresses, etc. etc. This makes finding what you need and putting things away easier.

  • Last step is color coding such sections in the ROYGBIV color wheel lightest to darkest. This will help you clearly see what your inventory of wardrobe contains.

Note: A great place to donate gently used professional clothing is Dress for Success. All donated clothes are given to women going on job interviews. They aren't currently accepting donations due to COVID-19, but you can bag them up and hold onto them to donate later on.

Questions or need more assistance? Send me an email at You can reach Katie Monge at if you need some serious organization help.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.



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