California Modern-Meets-Moody Glam Lounge Reveal

What do you get when you blend existing black walls with jewel-toned velvets, black and white art, gold accents, and pops of white? A California Modern-Meets Moody Glam Lounge! Our client wanted to convert a spare room in their basement into a guest bedroom/lounge combo and we jumped right in! They had already painted the walls black but other than that we had a blank slate.

Before: After:

Our clients got married in the midst of the design process and had a neon sign made for the reception which we incorporated into the space as art. We also took advantage of the massive ceiling height (which is unheard of in a basement bedroom) and did floor-to-ceiling drapery. We a added jewel-toned velvet sofa and chair with a slightly metallic shag rug that really added to the moody glam lounge vibe. A fun tip for adding additional seating? Add small ottomans that can be moved around depending on who you have over!

To bring in the California modern feel, we did a gallery wall of framed prints with a beachy-meets European-feminine vibe, added some monstera leaves and a traveler palm as well as brightening things up with a white media stand and floor lamp. We also added an armoire so guests had a place to stow their clothing. The front is mirrored so we could bounce some light around this dark room. We decided to balance the richness of the velvet upholstery with linen and woven leather pillows and that delicious raspberry wool throw. This space is a textural explosion with lots of contrast which adds to the drama and creates the perfect blend of California modern and moody glam.

Whether spinning records, sipping whiskey, or watching television, this space is sure to impress any guest. As you can see, even our furry friends approve ;)



All "after" photos by Margaret Rajic

What is your favorite part of this California Modern-meets-Moody Glam Lounge? Let us know in the comments!

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