Bathroom Organization 101 - plus some decorating tips

Hi ladies! I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and sane these days. Now that you've been #quarantined for two weeks or more, I'm sure your bathroom is starting to get on your nerves - yeah, me too! I partnered with Katie Monge of Neat Method to help you easily transform our bathroom into one that supports this (temporary) #newnormal and will continue to support you long after this craziness ends. I've also given some design tips at the end so you can spruce up your space and support online businesses!


Create a “home” for everything. Things tend to pile up if you’d don’t have a dedicated spot for them that is properly organized.

Make boundaries for products like skincare and travel in drawers and cabinets with labeled bins and baskets so they don’t mix together.

Strive to keep countertops clear as possible, this helps create a more peaceful environment.

Organized bathroom vanity areas makes for a quicker, easier way to get ready in the morning and out the door for work or play!

A good starting point is purging any expired items and anything you haven’t used in over a year.

Keep what items you use the most more accessible and other “seasonal” items can be stored for later use.

A few product suggestions for vanity cabinet drawers are clear, plastic drawer organizers that can help contain small items without getting jumbled in the midst of everything.

Take advantage of vertical space under the sink cabinets by incorporating a system that has tiers of storage solutions.

Use clear containers for items you wish to be seen more often:

Use woven baskets for items that you prefer to be left a bit more hidden:


Quick fix updates you can implement today:

1. Replace your shower curtain - be sure you check the height of your shower curtain rod from the floor to be sure you get the right size. Some of my favorite vendors are Society 6 and Deny Designs

2. Add a rug or runner - you'll want something that is 2' x 3' or even larger depending on the size of your bathroom. I love Society 6, Coyuchi, Garnet Hill, and The Company Store for some great options that won't break the bank

3. Paint the walls - my favorite non-toxic brands that will deliver right to your door are Clare and ECOS

4. Replace your towels - I'm sort of obsessed with Towl, Coyuchi, and SOL Organics for their amazing organic, non-toxic options



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