5 ways to stand out in a male-dominated workplace

Ladies. We've all been there. We blend in amongst a sea of men at the office and can't seem to stand out or be seen simply as a good employee - not a good employee that is a woman. Check out some advice from my girl Kelly Nash for standing out and killing it in the workplace - male-dominated or not!

1. Find Confidence in Your Strengths Working in a male-dominated industry and company, it can be easy as a woman to let that affect your confidence. We can get in their heads, especially when we find ourselves being the only woman in the room. But instead of focusing on the gender difference itself, focus on the value and strengths you bring to the table. The minute you start focusing on that instead of the men in the room is when you realize how much power you have.

2. Speak Up - If you don’t believe you have anything worth saying or contributing to, why would others think so? Recognize the value of your opinion. When you believe that what you have to share is worth listening to, you will gain attention and respect. And if/when you ever do feel disrespected, remember to speak up then too.

3. Know Your Limits & When to Say No - I've been in situations where men have pushed me on a work project or given me an unreasonable deadline. Especially if the man is in power, it can be hard to say no. But you need to push back if it's going to affect your workload and mental health. Be secure in yourself and learn the power of 'no'! 4. Find a Male Sponsor - Don't work against them - work with them! Learn to get to know the men in your workplace and identify the ones that you can develop a strong business relationship with. Allow them to get to know you and understand the value you provide to the company. Having a reliable male sponsor in your corner will help aid in career growth conversations and promotions - especially if they are in a leadership position.

5. Promote Yourself & Accept Credit for Your Work - While men are socialized to be strong and confident, women are made to be modest. We’re expected to be selfless and advocate for others, but not ourselves. That modesty and uncomfortable feeling we get can lead to us denying or downplaying credit for our successes. This is detrimental, especially in the workplace, because if we’re not advocating for ourselves, there’s a good possibility no one is. And that ultimately can mean fewer opportunities, fewer promotions, and fewer raises. Make sure you are promoting yourself and your work and accepting credit for a job well done. Find out ways to self-promote in the workplace here.

I collaborated with Kelly Nash of Lipstick & Ink® for this post. She works full time and encourages you to "own your power and make your mark - one lipstick stain at a time." You can check out her blog here.



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