5 Natural Headache Remedies (that actually work!)

Life is stressful these days and stress can bring on headaches. As someone who has suffered with headaches for years, I am always looking for safer, non-medicinal remedies. I tried it all: a handful of almonds (you would need to eat a TON to get enough magnesium), sticking my hands in ice water, putting my hands and feet in hot water while putting an ice pack on my neck, lying on the floor with my feet vertical on the wall, and the list goes on.

See below for some of my tried and true remedies that actually work! 1. Magnesium - I take 2 capsules daily (as prescribed by my holistic doctor) I have to say, since I started this regimen (4 months now) I have been migraine-free after years of failed remedies. Wow, right?! Seriously, if you suffer from migraines get your magnesium levels checked pronto! 2. CBD relief cream - 100% full spectrum hemp flower oil concentrate. Non-psychoactive (no “high” feeling). I apply it directly to my neck, temples, or forehead for tension headaches. Equilibria is literally the only brand to use. Use this link or code "courtneyschrank" to get 15% off 3. Peppermint and Lavender essential oils - I apply them both to my temples and forehead for tension headaches and migraines. My favorite brands are Young Living, doTERRA, and Guru Nada. 4. Leefy Organics - I take 2 droppers when I feel a headache coming on. According to their website, "Turmeric & ginger are more effective than prescription drugs at alleviating joint pain caused by inflammation" Whaaat?! Yep. As someone who used to take Excedrin sometimes multiple times a day, Leefy had pretty much kicked that habit. Use code 'CSDS15' to get 15" off of your first order. 5. Eye mask - When I get a headache I typically want to put an ice pack on my head and tighten it in a vice... since the latter is probably not a good idea, I grab my Hot & Cold Migraine Eye Mask. I love that I can microwave it to be hot, freeze it to be cold, and tighten it to relieve the pressure - yay for velcro! I also have a friend that swears by her "headache hat" that has 24 ice cubes sewn inside.

If all else, fails, I still reach for the Excedrin. No shame and no judgement here! Truth: sometimes I use every single one, at once!

What are some crazy remedies you have tried? What are your tried and true remedies that you always go back to?

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay fabulous.



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