You have no time and the last person you think of is yourself. After a long day at work or arriving home from your travels, all you want to do is relax and you NEED an environment that supports that! Let’s begin with the place you start and end your day - the bedroom! It should be your oasis, a calming space that nourishes and refreshes you, and I’ll bet it’s the opposite of that right now... Am I right? That stops today. From choosing the right mattress and sheets to finding a scent that matches your mood and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Give me 90 minutes of your time, and I will give you the tools to transform your bedroom into the relaxing, renewing retreat of your dreams. 

 What you will get from the call: 

  • A recording of our Zoom session

  • My advice and suggestions on layout, paint colors, furnishings, styling, and some of our favorite online and brick and mortar resources that fit your style 

  • A recap/check-list of what we discussed so you have NO excuse to leave your bedroom unfinished for one more minute! 

  • There is no follow-up communication or specific selections made as a part of this package 

If you feel you need more assistance, check out my "Power Hour" 6-pack.

 What you need to do beforehand:


  • Book the Zoom call and pay for the session via the button below

  • Send me pictures and a video of the space

  • Gather a few inspiration images so we can develop a style for the space - you can also share your Pinterest board

  • Fill out the short questionnaire (I KNOW you have no time, so this is short and sweet, I promise!) at least 2 days before our call so we can properly prepare 

Investment: $495

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